Very easy to cultivate, you need to cultivate the ears leaving 30cm of stem underneath and dry in the sun or dry warm place. Once dried, they can be given directly to the birds who are particularly fond of them.Budgies will detach the seeds from the...

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Budgie & Parakeet Seed Bells 34g - Johnsons (TP)(JBHBE) FULL BOX...

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A healthy fun to eat treat bar for Budgies. Vitapol fruit flavoured sticks is made especially with your pet Budgie in mind. Baked, to make them crumble-free, ensuring minimum waste, your bird can have double the fun and excitement with two tasty...

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Complete bird...

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An outstanding premium food for parakeets and budgies based on a selection of up to 26 different seeds and fruits. An outstanding premium food for parakeets and budgies based on a selection of up to 26 different seeds and fruits. XtraVital also...

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can acquire following article here : < / font > < / font > 5 kg Budgie Food < / font > < / font > Description: In this Feed is a feed mixture for budgies . The feed composition rated benefits a complete diet of the animals. The feed is...

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Walter Harrison's High Energy Budgie Tonic is a high protein and high energy complementary feeding mix which provides extra vitality for Budgie's. It is an ideal pre-breeding season feed which is full of seeds which are rich in oil....

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Mineral block packed full of goodness to keep your bird in the very best of condition. Promote good overall health with these mineral blocks containing Nigella Sativa, a flowering plant which is known to have a positive impact on the whole...

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A chunky, edible wooden log filled with tasty biscuit...

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With a practical clip for ease of attaching to your bird's cage, the Vitakraft Krackers are a superb high quality food for your Budgie. Baked three times, this sugar free Kracker will sure keep your Budgie coming back for more!Vitakraft...

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you get 20kg of premium budgie foodbudgie...

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High quality French red millet Millet seed is a good source of magnesium and phosphorus and it's high in silica content, which is important for the nervous system, tendons, skin and nails. French millets are known for their sweet taste which birds...

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