Zebedees Catnip Mice 2 x Twin Pack, irresistible to cats,Zebedee Catnip Mice 2 x Twin...

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Refillable catnip cat toy.Re-used endlessly (re-fills...

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Catnip Fish TeaserCatnip fun, enjoyment and exercise for your cat or...

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This Catnip Play Mouse from Jolly Moggy is infused with the highest quality wild Catnip to keep your feline friends purring for hours.Natural wild catnip...

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This bundle contains: 1 Kris Krinkle which will entice every cat to frolic under the mistletoe. Hand-stuffed with YEOWWW! catnip,this is a must during the seasonal festivities! Over 5" of holiday joy. 1 Oversized (over 8") and stuffed full of...

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Natural Stimulant for Cats... Catnip drives cats wild with excitement. This Catnip Powder can thus be used effectively on scratching posts and rubbing strips encouraging cats to use them rather than damaging expensive home furnishings. Use it also...

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Ever wonder why your cat won't play with most new "catnip" toys? Ever wonder why some are so cheap? Most catnip toys use inexpensive stems and stalks, the parts without aroma that should be thrown away. Dr. Noys Cats with an Attitude Toys are filled...

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A great little toy for your furry friendStinkies cat toy (star design) filled with nothing but 100% organically grown american catnip...

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Crazy Catnip Ball Ball filled with compressed Catnip Can provide playful stimulation for your Pet. Approx Size 5cm Diameter N.B. No Pet Toy is Indestructible. Please bear in mind that the longevity of any pet toy will be dependent on the ability...

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Cardboard Scratch Mats have become a firm favourite of cat owners due to the enjoyment cats get out of sinking their claws into the corrugated cardboard shapes and lack of mess products. The Claw 'n' Roll Scratch Pad by Paw Pads is part of a...

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Oversized and stuffed full of YEOWWW! catnip, this candy cane toy is quite the mouthful! Festive colors and fuzzy fabric are sure to inspire YEOWWW!-tide Joy in kitty this holiday season.Candy cane shaped toy filled with nothing but 100% organically...

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