Cat scratching post for...

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Keep your feline friends happy with these comfy and fun cat trees, sure to provide endless hours of rest and entertainment. With ample soft sitting and sleeping shelves, caves and platforms your cats can enjoy a well-earned rest from their day and...

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Product Features: * Superior quality * Multi level Scratching tree/post with cave/sleeping area for you cat to rest and explore * Great choice for your cat to stretch and have exercises on, especially in the cold winter while your cat was stuck...

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The cat furniture is available in different colours and a 'must' for each cat-lover. The cat equally gets the possibility of playing and resting at the same time.This cat furniture has:· a cave of 43 x 32 x 25 cm. · a bottom plate of 45 x 45 cm,...

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Play, climb, simply go wild, but also relax and sleep will start as soon as your cat has explored the new scratching post. It offers retreats for sleeping or dozing and for hiding. The posts are wrapped in coconut fibres and allow your domestic...

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Description: Songmics cat tree allows cats claws and protect your furniture. It is also ideal as a place to sleep or comfortable hiding. Your lovely cat is born to explore! He loves to play, run, jump, explore, hunt, hide ... While if he is too...

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A cat scratching post is sure to delight any cat. Scratching posts let cats sharpen their claws while leaving your furniture untouched. But they also serve well as great places to sleep or cuddle up. Cats are very curious animals and love keeping...

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Brand:Finether Description: : Keep your cat entertained and in a healthy condition with ourFinether 60.6" High 5-Tier Cat Tree Tower Furniture Kitten Playhouse. : This cat play tree is a great space saver and fun solution. : With classical and...

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This PawHut cat tree is a perfect solution for your pet, a cat needs to be active and this tree can provide hours of fun while keeping your cat energized and healthy. Comes complete with a hideaway home for your cat and multiple levels for your cat...

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This compact cat scratching post offers your cat plenty possibilities for playing, resting and retreating. Anyone can assemble it easily without screws and tools thanks to our unique quick-connect system. Since the stability of a scratching tree is...

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This cat scratching post is a place where your cat can feel safe and comfortable. Three spacious sightseeing platforms on different levels offer a comfortable place for relaxation and looking around the room. Your cat can climb, jump and go wild...

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All parts of the cat scratching post are covered in plush and no wooden surfaces can be seen after the assembly. The many posts are all completely wrapped with natural coconut fibres and thus perfect for claw sharpening. Anyone can assemble this...

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