The Scraper cat tree is an important facility for each cat. With this tree for cat, your pet can sharpen their claws ideally thereby while maintaining your furniture intact.It can also be used as a bedroom. The scratching post has been shown to be...

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Your cat will feel great here. This cat scratching post consists of many individual elements that are combined into one large cat scratching post. Platforms for sightseeing and jumping, lying hollows to relaxation and cave for undisturbed sleep...

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The cat baskets are made from European, environmentally friendly willow and are woven by highly specialized professionals.Please note : Because these products are real hand work, small deviations in color or minor deviations in size are...

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Cat Pet Scratch Post Veterinars recommend the use of cat exercise to encourage activity, promote physical development and maintain good health. Durable and fun, this cat scratching post will help encourage your cat to exercise their claws and keep...

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Me & My Pet Play Tree Activity Centre - Ideal for Cats & Kittens of All Ages - Includes 3 Scratching Posts, Platforms, Spring Toy &...

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The cat tree is designed with your cat in mind. Your furry friends will enjoy playing or resting comfortably on the various floors. And the strong Sisal posts keep your cats claws in perfect condition.You'll probably find he stops scratching your...

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This cat tree will soon be your cat's new favourite place. Two caves, a lookout platform just below the ceiling, two lookouts directly below, several levels and two lower spots where your cat can snuggle up all offer plenty of variety. Your cat can...

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A fantastic choice for your pet to stretch, exercise and rest, this multi-level cat tree is particularly good for the cold and wet days when your cat is stuck indoors with nothing to do. Simple to put together and made with E1 grade bamboo fiber...

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Keep your cat amused for hours with this fantastic Milo & Misty 3 Tier Cat Tree - the perfect place to scratch, stretch, exercise or enjoy a relaxing cat nap away from the world. Great for house cats and outdoor adventurers alike, this plush play...

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Description: Songmics classical cats climb tree is well-designed and can be placed in your home wherever you like, providing more playing space for your lovely cat. It is also an ideal for cats to sleep or hide. With the big base plate (50 x 50...

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A royal claw-sharpening cat tree to play, hide and slumber ! The 175 cm high cat tree with 3 viewing platforms is ideal for sharpening claws, games, fooling around and rest. , 2 caves and a cuddly plush lining, your cat has everything it need to be...

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This cat scratching post offers your cat a playground for jumping, climbing and going wild. Three upper platforms on different levels have partially raised edges and they are big enough for sleeping and can be used for looking around. Stability is...

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