Healthy Hounds Salmon Oil, 500 ml

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The original and best Scottish salmon oil supplement on the market, this product comes form top quality fresh scottish salmon which have been ethically and responsibly produced to above European Union standards for human consumption. Each batch is veterinary checked and has full traceability. Successfully used by many top vets and experts in the field with fantastic results. Unlike some foreign products, it comes under strict GB and European legislation. The oil is carefully and gently extracted to maintain quality and goodness and is micro filtered to ensure the greatest levels of purity. Our oil has some of the most up to date labelling analysis on the market, and does not make false claims that it cannot substantiate. The Omega 3 in salmon oil contains EPA and DHA, which is immediately be utilised by your pet’s body, unlike that from flax oil, meaning much higher absorption rate. This product also contains natural antioxidants. Our salmon oil is fantastic for: a healthy, glossy coat. Calms dry. itchy or irritated skin. A strong immune system and heart. Easing stiff joints and great for joint health. General health and vitality, and also great for fussy eaters. This product comes with a complimentary pump for ease of dosage or can be poured onto a teaspoon straight from the bottle. Available in sizes 500ml, 1000ml, 2500ml and 5000ml Ingredients : Oil from fresh Scottish salmon. antioxidants (natural d-alpha tocopherols) Doseage instructions : Small 1-12kg 1/2-1 pump, Medium 12-24kg 2pumps, Large 24-48 3 pumps, Very large over 48kg 4 Pumps. Use within 6 months of opening. Introduce gradually to your pet’s diet if using for the first time. Store in a cool place to avoid temperature fluctuations which may cause dripping from pump. By opting for Healthy Hounds Scottish salmon oil you are choosing a British produced Omega 3 supplement for your pet of the highest quality with a low carbon footprint, ensuring a premium quality product at an affordable price.See your dog’s glossiest ever coat

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