Keep your feline friends happy with these comfy and fun cat trees, sure to provide endless hours of rest and entertainment. With ample soft sitting and sleeping shelves, caves and platforms your cats can enjoy a well-earned rest from their day and...

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Cat scratching tree by TecTake - new and boxed. Product Features: 2 condos to rest and snooze 1 ladder 3 round viewing platforms Characterised by excellent workmanship and a solid construction Dimensions: Overall size: 131 cm height; 51 cm width;...

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The sturdy cat scratching tree "Vanessa" has everything you could wish for a cat's heart, namely scraping, hiding places, play opportunities. equipped with high quality plush and sisal cat scratching post offers this on multiple platforms...

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Cat Tree Cream Panther is a very strong RHRQuality Cat Tree with 12cmØ sisal posts with natural sisal from High Quality and all a cat can wish for. Very steady and 173 cm height with very large relax places. With Large lying place on top of...

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For the cat who's gotta have it all, the premium Confidence Pet Presidential Cat Tree is a multi-level fun-filled wonderland for your pet. With everything from activity toys, scratiching posts, multiple sleeping and resting zones, this pussycat...

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Here's a great scratch barrel. Ideal for your cat to play and to sharpen its claws. The three round entrances, are edged with plush. The inner levels are connected by a passage on the middle level and the two bottom compartments are connected via a...

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A stunning piece of scratching furniture for cats, the V-TOWER provides an enticing multi-level world for curious cats. It has two cube caves and one tunnel cave for playing or resting. Large scratching mats ensure hours of scratching fun. Features:...

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Description: Songmics cat tree allows cats claws and protect your furniture. It is also ideal as a place to sleep or comfortable hiding. Your lovely cat is born to explore! He loves to play, run, jump, explore, hunt, hide ... While if he is too...

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The Scraper cat tree is an important facility for each cat. With this tree for cat, your pet can sharpen their claws ideally thereby while maintaining your furniture intact.It can also be used as a bedroom. The scratching post has been shown to be...

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The cat baskets are made from European, environmentally friendly willow and are woven by highly specialized professionals.Please note : Because these products are real hand work, small deviations in color or minor deviations in size are...

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Cat Pet Scratch Post Veterinars recommend the use of cat exercise to encourage activity, promote physical development and maintain good health. Durable and fun, this cat scratching post will help encourage your cat to exercise their claws and keep...

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The cat tree is designed with your cat in mind. Your furry friends will enjoy playing or resting comfortably on the various floors. And the strong Sisal posts keep your cats claws in perfect condition.You'll probably find he stops scratching your...

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