Simply Catnip Premium Extra Strong Canadian Bud Catnip

We are really excited to share our lovely extra strong Canadian catnip with you. Your catnip comes in 30g packs of very carefully selected bud & leaf and comes with a handy, natural cotton bag ready for your cat to enjoy.

Inside your cotton bag you will find a zip seal bag to keep your catnip nice and fresh. Simply put some into the cotton bag and give to your cat to play with.

Simple, honest pricing, is important to us so your catnip comes with free delivery to anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Catnip is naturally occurring and cats will choose to investigate catnip at their leisure. It produces effects of euphoria and relaxation which last for several minutes of play. In the wild you will find cats do a good job of squashing and eating catnip plants. When a cat plays with catnip it is purely out of choice, if you cat is done playing with catnip they will simply get up and walk away.

We believe in responsibility and sustainability so we have taken steps to offset our carbon footprint by supporting verified carbon standard renewable energy generation and carbon reduction projects.

Also to be extra awesome our packaging is fully recyclable, harrah! Our outer shipping bags are fully biodegradable so you can pop them in the compost. Our outer card pack is also fully recyclable as it is just card sourced from responsible, sustainable forests. The inner grip-seal can be used over and over again as can the natural cotton bag, so long as your kitty has not shredded it!

We would love to hear form you so share your experiences via our website or social media pages @ #simplycatnip

Extra Strong

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